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Landlord-Tenant Law Attorney In Charlotte, North Carolina

Defend Your Rights as a Landlord or Tenant

Hire a Landlord-Tenant Law Attorney in Matthews, NC

No tenant wants to deal with a landlord that refuses to fix things or provides an unsuitable home. No landlord wants to deal with a tenant that refuses to pay or causes damage, either. If you find yourself in dispute with your landlord or tenant, turn to the Law Offices of Sanjay R. Gohil, PLLC.

We offer commercial landlord-tenant law services and represent both landlords and tenants. With the help of a landlord-tenant law attorney, you can work towards an agreement that ensures your rights are upheld.

Give yourself a fighting chance against your landlord or tenant. Email us today to discuss the details of your situation. We serve Matthews, NC, and the surrounding region.

A Landlord-Tenant Attorney Can Help with Your Legal Situation

There are many times where you may need a landlord-tenant law attorney to help you defend your rights. We can help you if:

  • You're being evicted unfairly

  • You're not receiving your security deposit

  • You're not receiving rental payments on time

  • Your property is being damaged by a tenant

Work with us when you need help handling a commercial landlord-tenant law situation. Contact our office today to get started.